About us

About Us

SnakeCharmer Choppers specialise in custom themed choppers that have a meaning or representation, whether for a corporate entity, celebrity or someone with a message; the choppers that are designed and built by SnakeCharmer Choppers are customised, completely unique and of the highest standard.

SnakeCharmer Choppers have designed and fabricated Choppers for some big names:

Xbox – to promote and represent the games; Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto and even designed and built a prototype for Microsoft of the Warthog from the blockbuster game Halo

Ed Hardy – The international clothing label requested a chopper to be designed built by SnakeCharmer Choppers. Despite being an International brand founded in Las Angeles, Ed Hardy approached SnakeCharmer Choppers out of all the custom bike builders around the globe as they recognised his exceptional talents and strong attention to detail.

If you would like an eye catching asset to represent, & promote your company in a unique way that generates a great buzz amongst fans and general public alike, please contact SnakeCharmer Choppers here

Our Mission & Values

It is our mission is to champion children to grow personally, emotionally and spiritually through compassion, our unique perspectives and the belief that all people are inherently good.

We intend to share a story and vision with children, to encourage them to pursue their dreams, develop positive self-esteem and clarify their own values upon which to build a successful life doing what they love.

Snakecharmer Choppers was built with passion, commitment and hard work to show the world that regardless of your race, colour, creed, or the mistakes you have made, we can all follow our dreams and make them a reality. We strive to take any idea, dream or passion for motorcycles big or small and turn that into a reality for our clients.

Dreams to Reality Kids Program

  • Educating children on the perils of choosing the wrong path in life.
  • Showing children that
  • My goal is to inspire the younger generation to have a dream and to live them no matter what walk of life they come from it is possible to become what and who you want to be in life.
  • My concept is to show that no matter what path you lead before prison, it is possible to live your dream once you leave. Too many inmates fall back into the same path they lead before prison, not realising the talents they really have.


“If I could help everyone live their dream I would” – George “Snake Charmer” Farah