George Snakecharmer Farah

“In life most successes are built upon failures, and the true test of one’s character is having endured failures and obstacles but instead of taking the easy path and quitting, instead striving to overcome them and build your dreams to reality.” – George “Snakecharmer” Farah


Who is George “Snakecharmer” Farah

  • George is 45 and living in Western Sydney, Australia
  • He has been building themed bikes since 2006.
  • He specialises in the design of bikes to suit any theme.
  • Licensed Panel Beater and Spraypainter

George "Snake Charmer" Farah

About his work

George prides himself on creating unique, high quality custom & themed choppers for clients. It is his drive, attention to detail and creative mind that has put Snake Charmer Choppers at the forefront of the custom motorcycle scene in both Australia and many countries around the globe. Having won a multitude of awards for each of his bikes, for design and craftmanship since he founded Snake Charmer Choppers in 2006.

“…It’s more than just a crazy paint-job or wacking a sticker on it. I put life and soul into the choppers I build. It’s more than just a job; it’s my passion to make peoples dreams, concepts or life into a chopper, whether it’s my own or someone else’s. That’s what sets me apart from the other bike builders.” – George “Snakecharmer” Farah

Each bike that George takes on, begins as a dream. A series of ideas for a theme to suit his client. George brings these dreams to life, from sketches, to parts and finally to the assembled masterpiece. Each bike contains a part of his passion and dedication to creating something truly remarkable.

Looking to the future

George plans to continue to grow Snake Charmer Choppers into an internationally recognised brand. To continue to bring dreams to life and show the world just why his bikes are a cut above the rest. He is working to bring people together with their common interests in custom themed bikes and show them that regardless of the path they have chosen to walk in life they can find success through hard work and a passion for their dreams.

“My concept is to show that no matter what path you lead before prison, it is possible to live your dreams once you leave. Too many inmates fall back into the same path they led before prison, most not realizing the talents they really have. Leaving prison with a criminal record and covered in tattoos made it impossible to find a job and start a new life, therefore I was determined to show the world that I would carry my dreams into reality and leave my negative path behind me.” – George “Snakecharmer” Farah