Why Choose Us?

Why choose Snake Charmer Choppers?

Snake Charmer Choppers have established themselves as a leading builder of custom and themed choppers both locally in Australia and on the International stage. With bikes built for companies like XBox, Microsoft & international clothing brand Ed Hardy, Snake Charmer Choppers have shown time and again that their superior craftsmanship and unique designs can breathe life into a marketing campaign and create a buzz amongst both bike enthusiasts and the regular public in ways that would not otherwise be possible.

Snake Charmer Choppers have won numerous awards, been featured on magazine covers for each of the bikes that it has brought from dreams to reality. We even have our Dreamtime bike on display in a museum where people can marvel at the intricate paintwork, and hear the incredible meaning behind each feature on the bike.

Awards since we began in 2006:

  • 2006 Best Custom Built Motorcycle
  • 2006 Best Chopper
  • 2006 Best British & European American Paint
  • 2006 Best British & European American Airbrush
  • 2007 Best Chopper
  • 2007 Best Paint
  • 2008 Best Display Chopper
  • 2008 Best Themed Chopper
  • 2009 Best Chopper
  • 2009 Best Paint
  • 2010 Best Paint
  • 2010 Best Themed Chopper
  • 2011 Best Stand
  • 2011 Best Chopper
  • 2012 Best Chopper
  • 2012 Best Paint
  • 2012 Best Custom
  • 2013 Best Chopper
  • 2013 Best Fabrication
  • 2014 Best Paint
  • 2014 Best Custom
  • 2014 Best Themed Chopper
  • 2014 Best Fabrication

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We’ve worked & collaborated with:

  • Lincoln Electrics
  • Ed Hardy
  • XBox
  • Microsoft
  • Intake Clothing
  • New Era Caps
  • Blue Haven Spas
  • Independant Grocers Association (IGA)
  • Nightshift
  • Auto Salon
  • One World Sport Club
  • Fat Pizza
  • 3D Customs USA
  • Freestyle Magazine
  • Picture Magazine
  • Zoo Magazine
  • Easy Rider Magazine
  • Live to Ride
  • Chopper Magazine
  • Chiffley College
  • Orange County Choppers (OCC)
  • Tanked Up Promotions
  • Nepean Motors
  • Terry White Chemist
  • MotorEx
  • Sexpo
  • Tattoo Expo
  • Hill Top Hoods @ Bathurst 1000
  • Pussy Cat Dolls VIP show
  • Jagged Edge
  • Chauncey Black
  • Bone Thugs ‘n’ Harmony
  • 112
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Youth Off the Streets
  • Anthony Mundine
  • David Peachy

Snake Charmer Choppers’ bikes are featured in many magazines, online across many websites, shared by people on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. The exposure it creates for the brands who choose to build a bike from Snake Charmer Choppers is hard to match through conventional advertising channels.

With a resume like that it should be easy to see why Snake Charmer Choppers is the right choice for your dream bike builder.