The Warriors Shield - Dreamtime Chopper

What is the ‘Dreamtime Indigenous Chopper’?

The “Aboriginal-Dreamtime-meets-the-underworld design“ represents Australia’s rich culture, with features such as the snake head gas tank and an exhaust styled after the aboriginal wind instrument, the didgeridoo, this one of a kind chopper helps showcase the heritage of the Indigenous Australians.

In 2008, at ‘One World’, the legendary ‘Indigenous Dreamtime’ chopper was unveiled and it is the bike that put Snake Charmer Choppers on the map. It made us an international player. The bike was an overnight sensation, and quickly attracted the attention of bike lovers, the media and large corporations and looking at the bike in pictures and in person it is easy to see why.

This bike can be seen at the Waradah Aboriginal Centre in the Blue Mountains, NSW Australia.

What is the story behind the bike?

The exquisitely detailed, multi-colored headlight symbolizes the different colours of the human race. There is a boomerang for the handlebars, and an airbrushed child’s hand on the back guard to call for hope and unity for future generations.

The spears and the warrior shield represent honour, protection, struggle and survival here in Australia. Featuring hand-painted Aboriginal art by famous Aboriginal artist Richard Campbell, the bike’s custom painted wood grain is so realistic admirers lean in to look for termites.

With its intricate Aboriginal paintwork and exquisite detailing, the bike tells of Snakecharmer’s personal story of growing up as a child of immigrant parents in a racially-divided country town, and on a broader level, celebrates the unique mix of cultures here in Australia.

The Specs:

Drive Type:

The Pics:

Snake1Full Chopper Backside1Boomerang1

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