Ed Hardy

What is the Ed Hardy Chopper?

In 2010, after a year in the making the Official Ed Hardy custom themed chopper was released. Ed Hardy is an international clothing label, well known for its loud and incredibly popular designs. The Ed Hardy Chopper was uniquely designed to represent the clothing label for the promotions of Ed Hardy Australia.

Snake Charmer Choppers - Ed Hardy themed chopper

What was the brief?

Ed Hardy International came to Snake Charmer Choppers with the vision of a truly unique marketing tool that embodied their brand. What they wanted was something that would encompass the items of fashion that Ed Hardy was best known for. After spending some time researching everything about Ed Hardy we settled on; An Ed Hardy watch, Ed Hardy leather bracelet, Ed Hardy chuck taylors, Ed Hardy flip flop thongs, Ed Hardy t-shirt and Ed Hardy jeans.

With the design elements finalised it was only a matter of time before another award winning, one of a kind chopper rolled out of the Snake Charmer Choppers workshop. Ed Hardy International were amazed by the finished product as were the public when the bike was launched at Auto Salon to much acclaim. Ed Hardy had tasked Snake Charmer Choppers with creating a unique advertising tool that would connect with people young and old while leaving a positive and lasting impression and that is just what we did.

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The Details:

The front guard dresses a massive 26″ steel rim fabricated, designed and airbrush finished with press studs to resemble an Ed Hardy leather bracelet. The petrol tank has been fabricated from steel into one of Ed Hardy’s Chuck Taylor shoes, with bright colours and amazing finishing touches such as the eyelets and tag airbrushed under the tongue even going so far as to airbrush the shoe tread on the sole. The air filter cover is dressed like an Ed Hardy watch with Swarovski crystals. The primary cover is fabricated with into an Ed Hardy flip flop thong. Imagine a lady leaning over the chopper and that’s where the inspiration for the rear fender came from. Housing a monster 360mm rear tire complete with incredible airbrushing work it is designed to resemble a pair of Ed Hardy jeans with an Ed Hardy T-shirt tucked in and finished with an original real Ed Hardy belt. With black and chrome underpinning the eclectic colour scheme it really allows the bright colours the opportunity to shine and catch the viewers eye. The detail in this chopper even extends to the black rims with Ed Hardy airbrushed on them and the functional belt which holds the rear guard up off the monster rear wheel.

This bike is a masterpiece that one can spend hours examining in an attempt to take in the intricate and expert workmanship that went into its design, fabrication, assembly and finish.

The Specs:

Engine: 147ci Renegade
Exhaust: 2 into 2 Custom Dumpster
Frame: Custom Frame
Front: 26 inch rim
Rear: 360mm tyre on an 18×13 inch rim
Transmission: 6 Speed Ultima
Drive Type: Belt Drive
Brakes: Steel braided lines
Electronics: Electric Dash including fuel gauge and speedo

The Pics:

v2xEdHardy_slideshow_001The Ed Hardy bike on show

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