Gears of War Chopper

What is the ‘Gears of War’ bike?

The Gears of War bike was commissioned by Xbox Australia to commemorate and promote the blockbuster game ‘Gears of War’. This was the first game of the wildly successful Gears of War franchise and XBox needed a unique way to bring attention to this ground breaking game.

What was the brief?

Xbox Australia approached Snake Charmer Choppers wanting a custom chopper that captured the essence of the Gears of War game. The bike needed to draw inspiration from the squad based third person shooter set in a war torn future on Planet Sera.

The final design for the bike incorporated everything that made Gears of War the worldwide hit and successful franchise that it is today. The custom design featured dog tags adorning the handlebars, the tank featured an airbrushed portrait of Marcus Fenix the main character, Xbox logo airbrushed onto the rear quarter. Xbox Australia were delivered a bike that filled the design brief in every way. This bike was the crowning achievement at the ‘Gears of War Australia’ Launch party which was headlined by the Pussy Cat Dolls and was raffled off to the lucky guests who attended this exclusive launch party.

If you like the idea of a one of a kind marketing tool that will reach a wide audience, then contact Snake Charmer Choppers today

Snake Charmer Choppers creates a Gears of War chopper


The Specs:

Engine: 127ci Ultima
Exhaust: Custom Fabricated twin dump pipes
Frame: Custom Frame
Front: 23 inch rim
Rear: 300mm tyre on an 18×5.5 inch rim
Transmission: 5 speed Ultima
Drive Type: Open Belt Drive
Brakes: Steel Braided lines
Electronics: Electronic dash including fuel gauge and speedo

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