Grand Theft Auto

What is the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ bike?

Grand Theft Auto is a game series that requires no introduction. It is one of the biggest names in the gaming industry and an absolute favourite amongst gamers. The ‘Grand Theft Auto bike’ was the first corporate bike created by Snake Charmer Choppers. This marked a serious shift in the Snake Charmer Choppers from backyard hobbyist to serious bike builder with international recognition.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas custom chopper

What was the brief?

Xbox Australia approached us at Snake Charmer Choppers after witnessing the buzz our bikes generated at a show stand adjacent to theirs. Crowds flocked to our stand all day long, taking pictures, and discussing our craftsmanship. This prompted Xbox Australia to consider the impact of a custom chopper as a potential marketing tool. After an initial discussion and follow up design consultation they were convinced that a bike from Snake Charmer Choppers would have a huge impact on their marketing strategy, allowing them a tool to reach both gamers and serve as a talking point as well as an introduction to their games to people who would previously be unreachable by their existing marketing strategy.

The Details:

The bike design that was created to fit the brief featured a custom paint job from front to back. The airbrushing work on the tank and the front, and rear fenders embodied everything that Grand Theft Auto’s story portrayed as well as the stand out elements in the minds of those who played it. This meant that the bike connected with gamers on a level that felt familiar as well as being exciting to see in the flesh for any person who saw it.

The bike also featured the Xbox Australia logo on the side of the bike. This was a custom fabricated air cleaner which adorned the right side of the bike. This meant that there was no mistake made about who commissioned Snake Charmer Choppers to create the bike and who was a strong driver in the success of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

The Specs:

Engine: S&S 106ci Stroker
Exhaust: 2 into 2 custom ceramic coated exhaust
Frame: Custom frame
Front: 21″ x 2.75″ chrome multi-spoke rim
Rear: 18″ x 13″ chrome multi-spoke rim with 300mm tyre
Transmission: 6 speed S&S gearbox
Drive Type: Chain drive
Brakes: Steel braided lines
Electronics: Electronic Speedo & fuel gauge dash cluster