Halo Warthog

What is the Halo Warthog?

The M12 Force Application Vehicle, more commonly known as the Warthog, or simply the Hog, is a United Nations Space Command ground vehicle from the hit XBox/Microsoft game series Halo.

Halo M12 Warthog

What was the Halo Warthog Proof of Concept Project?

Following the successful build and showcase of the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and ‘Gears of War’ custom choppers, XBox Australia approached Snake Charmer Choppers once again and asked us to build a prototype for a real life base upon which a replica Halo Warthog could be built.

This task came with a time-frame of just 1 week (Yes ONE WEEK!) to have a fully functioning prototype of the legendary Halo Warthog.

What Snake Charmer Choppers built

With such a tight time-frame this project was ambitious from the very beginning. Never one to shy away from a challenge and a chance to display our craftsmanship, George began work on the prototype right away.

Over the course of 1 week the project went from dreams and ideas to reality that you could sit in and drive.


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Base of the WarthogReady for battle