The Blade

What is ‘The Blade’?

The Blade is the first bike produced by George ‘Snakecharmer’ Farah. It was the success of this bike that led to the creation of Snake Charmer Choppers and the realization of many dreams. With the savings his mother had secretly put aside for her son’s dream, The Blade became a reality and was introduced at Auto Salon in 2006.

The Blade by Snake Charmer Choppers

The story behind the bike

The Blade, which he describes as “a monster – a living thing all of its own,” is a representation of everything George had endured in recent times. Green for the ‘Prison Greens’ he wore while serving a sentence that was a result of him walking the ‘wrong path’ in life. Sharp, angled, fierce metalwork to embody the near-fatal knife attack he suffered while incarcerated, and the thunderous roar of the engine – “the sound of freedom” was to represent his desire to remain free from the life he had once known.

“The Blade is a period of my life – the time I spent in gaol,” he says. “I had a dream to build this bike when I was in there, it’s what kept me going, and now it’s a reality. All the bikes I build are part of me and my story.” – George “Snakecharmer” Farah

The Blade’s debut was one of great success. Earning recognition from bike builders around the country and an overwhelming response by the general public who were thrilled to see such an amazing bike and share in an equally amazing story behind its design. The Blade has won a great many awards, including Best Custom Chopper, Best Custom American Paint and Best American Airbrush. It has been featured on many magazine covers and can be seen all over the Internet alongside bikes from the biggest names in the industry. The Blade earned George his moniker ‘Snakecharmer,’ after one magazine shot him alongside the bike whilst draped in pythons. The name stuck, and Snakecharmer’s reputation grew.

The Specs:

Engine: 127ci Ultima
Exhaust: One off custom 2 into 2 stainless steel
Frame: Custom Frame
Front: 22 inch rim
Rear: 300mm tyre on an 18×10 inch rim
Transmission: 5 Speed Ultima
Drive Type: Chain Drive
Brakes: Steel braided lines

The Pics:

A side shot of The Blade and awardsGeorge with the Blade and its awards

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