Wet ‘n’ Wild

What is ‘Wet ‘n’ Wild’?

Riding on the wave of success of the Blade, Snake Charmer Choppers unveiled its second bike, ‘Wet ‘n’ Wild’. This was a chopper that reflected his joy at being free and finally doing what he loved. This custom chopper was a way for George ‘Snake Charmer’ Farah to showcase his skills and continue his story of success.

The story behind the bike

Wet ‘n’ Wild began as a spark of joy at George’s release from prison. Drawing on his experience and ideas from the creation of ‘The Blade’.

This bike represented many things to George and featured many custom elements. The paintwork features high detailed water droplets throughout the design of the bike. This represented the tears of joy that his eventual release brought and those spilt for by mothers for their children still in gaol. With aggressive lines and eclectic colours the bike is a representation of the fun and joy that was back in his life.

Wet ‘n’ Wild features a Springer front end and softail rear with comfortable pullback v-bars which makes this bike a practical chopper for daily riding while still looking imposing and unique.


“That bike was all about fun and girls” – George “Snakecharmer” Farah



Engine: 95ci twin cam turbo
Frame: Raked and stretched Harley Davidson frame
Front: 21″ chrome rim
Rear: 18″ chrome rim wrapped with 250mm tyre
Transmission: 6 speed S&S gearbox
Drive Type: Open Belt
Brakes: Steel braided lines
Electronics: Electronic dash

The Pics:

The Wet 'n' WildWet 'n' Wild Close UpWet 'n' Wild

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